Exclusive Products

Di Salvos

The Original Recipe Pasta Sauce, the Sicilian Style Pasta Sauce were the first products on the shelves.

Over the course of a decade, we have grown to a total of 16 products and sell to approximately 100 stores and restaurants. We continue researching to create additional quality products and to find specialty stores that serve us best. To this day we have accomplished a base of customers that continue to buy and consume our products because they understand that we are about quality, flavor, and freshness. Mangiare!

Bubba Scot Foods

Bubba scot foods is a snack food lover’s dream. Bubba scot has something for everyone.  A variety of snack foods with a diverse set flavor from sweet, salty, spicey, and savory, and cheesy. A sure crowd pleaser. 

  • Cheese Balls- A bold flavorful cheese ball made with real cheese.
  • Onion rings- Crispy Golden rings of onion flavor. 
  • Sizzling cheese – Cheesy and bold with sizzling hot flavor.
  • Sizzlin’ cheese curls- A delicious sizzling hot flavor. 
  • BBQ Pork Skins – A bold sweet barbecue flavor.
  • Hot pork skins- A bold flavor with a spicey kick.
  • Salt and Vinegar pork skins –  A tangy flavor with a hint of sault. 

Nora's Gourmet Popcorn

Nora’s Gourmet popcorn started in 2018.

Delicious cheese, a deep robust caramel and when you want the best of both worlds. We have them perfectly mixed for you.

Nora’s Gourmet popcorn is a family owned, Wisconsin company with a desire to bring its popcorn to every home in Wisconsin. They use the best ingredients, including thick cheese and dark, rich caramel to create the finest large kernel popcorn mixed perfectly just for you.

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